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I would like to dedicate this sermon to Jesus Christ and all of my brothers and sisters.  It is my sincere wish that you enjoy this form of enlightenment.  It is my purpose to bring you closer to your real Higher Power, God.  This book reads like a sermon or as if it should be read aloud to someone.  I do hope you will excuse my use of the english language, but I do my best.  It was through prayer that I was able to bring this sermon to you.  I offer simple solutions to the problems facing Christianity.  Basically we humans are the problem with Christianity, not the religion itself.  It is only through people that religion can work and it is also through people that God works.  God is the Higher Power that works and by being his child you make God work.  I am ever grateful to Jesus Christ for coming into my life.  It is through HIS enlightenment that LOVE has truly touched me.  I hope to give the following words new meaning and life.  It is my purpose to show you the light.  What you do with it is entirely up to you.  Through prayer and meditation I have become enlightened and I feel the power of Love in my temple constantly.  When the power of God is felt for the first time it is, humbling.  I have asked Jesus Christ to take over my life and everything that goes with it, including my problems.  This allowed me to be able to forgive myself and therefore I became able to forgive others for the first time in my life.  Life became so simple for me to understand that I became overwhelmed by my mortality.  Once I had overcome this, I felt God's love and the awakening of Christ in my soul.  For the first time, I had discovered True Love in its most basic form, yet it was so complex that it had to be God.  Jesus Christ had awakened the child in me, that had laid dormant for so many years.  I was like a child that had discovered a treasure and wanted to share it with everyone.  All I can say is, this treasure is available to anyone, including yourself.  You just need to open your spiritual eyes and throw your carnal sunglasses away to find this treasure.

We must Love God as much and more than we Love ourselves, by giving ourselves over to Love or God.  Remember, it is because of God that we even exist.  For without God there would be nothing.  This nothing is called "the dark side."  There is a dark side to Love, we must stop living in the dark and let God's Love be the only light that can bring us out of the darkness.  We can't let satan's darkness be our eternal home.  We need the light to guide us to Jesus Christ.  He will flood satan's darkness with the light of love.  By allowing God to interact with: our bodies, our minds, thoughts and actions, we become one with God.  This is a form of Christ consciousness.  You become a living Christ, if your: mind, body, soul, and spirit are pure of heart.  This form of enlightenment is the highest in the Christian religion and is attainable by anyone.  All you basically need are: true faith, hope, trust and true Love for God and Jesus Christ.  By attaining Christ consciousness, you are enabling yourself to do the same things Jesus Christ did and more.  The real key here is faith.  This faith can move mountains, those mountains of hopelessness, despair, guilt, and so on.  We must turn our lives over to Jesus Christ and repent for our sins now!  For tomorrow may be too late. Most peoples' problems revolve around the fact that they refuse to grow up spiritually.  It's because of this that we have poverty, wars, hunger, and a lot more.  Ignorance is no longer an is a killer.  It is killing the human race and everything along with it.  So you say, "What can we do about it?"  First of all we must wake up to the fact that we are the problem.  Secondly, we must do something about it by changing our lifestyles, not just for ourselves, but to help others too.  By growing up spiritually, we can rid ourselves of our carnal selves.  Our carnal self is the thing that is suppressing our Higher Self.  When we let our higher (Godly) Self rule, our body becomes a spiritual temple of God and we become a "child of God."  All this can be done in one lifetime.  After attaining the child of God status, we must breathe in the holy breath and exhale all of our bad vibrations.  We must feel the love that our creator has for us that we could not see due to our carnal eyes.  We also could not see this love due to all the hatred, bigotry, and malice that we have built up towards our fellow brothers and sisters.  It is time to change for the better.  Give Jesus Christ a chance to take over your problems and replace them with love.  We should show others a reflection of our Inner God speaking to you through your subconscious.  This is sort of using your being to do God's will.  You may not even know that you are being used to that extent.  It is love's eyes that you must see through, not the eyes of hatred.  Let God rule in every situation.  What about a healing that can occur to you?  How do you make that come about?  Well, before a healing can occur you must not only be at one with Jesus Christ but you must be at one with yourself.  You must be willing to accept God's miracle of healing, with your mind, body and spirit. A healing can occur when the God in you touches the God in another being, this is an outermost feeling of Love.  You must use this Love to cleanse your temple.  For the Holy Spirit doesn't work in the filthy temple (body).  We must learn Love and compassion first, before we can truly help others to be healed of any infirmity.  By reinstating our new our new faith in our higher power, we are affirming our oneness with God.  Then we must establish a new communication with our higher power through Jesus Christ.  In order for us to channel Jesus' spirit through our bodies, we must channel the Holy Spirit's healing energy to heal others.  Of course, we must have pure temples and intentions.  Remember, we must pray to Jesus Christ before, during, and after the healing.  Do not forget that Love, true Love, must exist first, before anything is done towards a healing.  Because God is Love, so are we.  Because God is the answer to all our questions, and Jesus Christ is our teacher, to some extent.  We have become a bunch of children of all ages, giving AGAPE a try like Jesus Christ gives us a try.  When you doubt, you are sinning against yourself and all that you stand for.  By doubting in God you are in turn doubting yourself by limiting your perception of Jesus Christ in your life. Give an explanation of your doubts and you will find your miseries.  Have faith and you will discover God.  When you exude belief, faith, and truth, you release yourself from the fleshy prison that has kept your soul silent for so long.  We must allow God to speak through us with our hearts set on love and not hatred.  We tend to be more receptive when we are staring at love and not hate.  When we give of ourselves to others, we are showing love in action.  When we give unconditional love or Agape, we are giving the same kind of love that God is giving to us.  This is yet another way to Christ consciousness.  Yet when we give in a negative way, we are going against God's will and towards the evil, carnal Satanist way of life.  It seems that doing evil is too easy and that doing good is difficult.  It may seem as if we are putting ourselves into the lion's mouth on purpose.


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