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A sermon by an apostle Thomas


 I  would like to dedicate this sermon to Jesus Christ and all my brothers and sisters. It is my sincere wish that you  enjoy this form of enlightenment. It is my purpose to bring you closer to you real higher power, god. This book reads like a sermon or as if it should be read aloud to someone. I do hope you will excuse my use of the English language but I do my best. It was through prayer that I was able to bring sermon to you. I offer simple solutions to the problems facing Christianity. Basically, we are the problem with Christianity not the religion itself. It is only through the people that religion can work and it is also through people that god works. God is the higher power that works by being his child you make god work. I am ere grateful to Jesus Christ for coming into my life. It is through his enlightenment that love has truly touched me. I hope to give the following words new meanings and life. It is my purpose to show you the light. What you do with it is entirely up to you. We must love god as much and more that we love ourselves, by giving ourselves over to love or God. Remember, it is because God that we even exists. For without God, there would be nothing. This nothing is called the dark side. There is a dark side to love, we must stop living in the dark side and let gods love be the only light that can bring us out of the darkness. We can’t let Satan’s darkness be our eternal home. We need the light to guide us to Jesus Christ. He will flood Satan’s darkness with the light of love. By allowing god to interact with: our bodies, our minds, thoughts and actions, we become one with God. This is a form of Christ consciousness. You become a living Christ, if your; mind, body, soul and spirit are pure of heart. This form of enlightenment is the highest in the Christian religion and is attainable by anyone. All you really basically need are: true faith, hope, trust, and true love for god and Jesus Christ. By attaining Christ consciousness, you are enabling yourself to do the same things Jesus Christ did and more. The real key here is faith. The faith can move mountains, those mountains of hopelessness, despair, guilt, and so on. We must turn our lives over to Jesus Christ and repent our sins now! For tomorrow may be too late. Most people’s problems revolve around the fact that they refuse to grow up spiritually. It’s because of this that we have poverty, wars, hunger and a lot more. Ignorance is no longer an excuse, it is a killer. It is killing the human race and everything else along with it. So you say what can we do about it? First of all we must all wake up to the fact that we are the problem. Secondly we have to do something about it by changing our life-styles to suit others too, not just ours selves of our carnal selves. Our carnal self is the thing that is suppressing our higher self. When we let our higher (godly self) self rule our body becomes a spiritual temple of god and we become a child of god. All this can be done in one lifetime. After attaining the child of god status, we must feel the love that our creator has for us that we could not see this love due to all the: hatred, bigotry, and malice that we have built up towards our fellow brothers and sisters. It is time to change for the better. Give Jesus Christ a chance to take over your problems and replace the with love. W should show others a reflection of our inner god speaking to you through your sub-consciousness. This sort of using your being used to that extent. It is loves eyes that you must see through, not the eyes of hatred. Let god rule in every situation. What about a healing that can occur to you? How do you make that come about? Well before a healing can occur; you must on only be at one with Jesus Christ but you must be at one with yourself. You must be willing to accept god’s miracle of healing, with you mind, body, and spirit. A healing can occur when the god in you touches the god in another being, this is an other most feeling if love. You must use this love to cleanse your temple, (body). We must learn love and compassion first, before we can truly help others to be healed of any infirmity. By reinstallation our faith in our higher power, we are affirming our oneness with god. Then we must establish a new communication with our higher power through Jesus spirit throughout bodies, we must channel the holy spirits healing energy to heal others. Of curse we must have a pure temples and intentions. Remember, we must pray to Jesus Christ before during and after healing. Do not forget that love, true love must exist first, before anything is done towards a healing. Because god is love, so are we. Because god is the answer to all our questions, and Jesus Christ is our teacher, to some extent. We have become a bunch of children of all ages, giving agape a try like Jesus Christ gives us a try. When you doubt, you are sinning against yourself and all that you stand for. By doubting in god you in turn are doubting yourself by limiting your perception of Jesus Christ in you life. Give an explanation of your doubts and you will find you miseries. Have faith and you discover god. When you exclude belief, faith and truth, you release yourself from the fleshy prison that has kept you soul silent for so long. We must allow god to speak through us, with our hearts set on love in action when we dive unconditional love that god is giving to us. This is yet another way to Christ consciousness. Yet when we give in a negative way, we are going against gods will and towards the evil carnal satanistic ways of life. It seems that doing evil is too easy and that doing good is difficult. It may seem as if we are putting ourselves into the lion’s mouth on purpose. You live in Hell because you choose to live there and those living there have chosen the easy way out. This does not always work out like you think it should. Try not to just see life through carnal eyes but try to see through gods loving eyes and realize that the kingdom of heaven you seek, comes from within. To give of oneself is truly to receive a gift from god. By giving ourselves to others, we in turn are giving what our creator has given to us …LOVE! When we give love to another being we are giving a part of ourselves to that person. So, by sharing our God with others, we are giving hope and peace a chance to develop in our various relationships. If we fail to communicate our emotions of love, then we are allowing Satan to come into our life in our lives and to cause misery for our loved ones. We have really let go and let god intervene. So if we can purify our souls of their carnal nature, then we will allow god to speak through us. This will close the communication link between you and god by not allowing the negative thoughts to predominate over our good positive thoughts. We must truly let go and let god handle it, through Jesus Christ. We must give in to our good feelings towards others and stop suppressing god. Let evil be the only thought worthy of suppression, not a life-style. When evil is entered as a way of life, good and positive become bad and negative. Thus upsetting the balance of the way things are to be in our lives. A way of making this balance work, is to repent of your sins and pray that Jesus Christ will accept your repentance and you must never commit that sin again. Try Christianity, there is nothing wrong with the religion of being a Christian, it’s just the way people go about living a Christian life-style in a carnal body Love equals eternity, we have eternal souls, they just don’t die and thus cease to exist. Our cycle of life is never ending. Aside from blaspheming the Holy Spirit, no matter what else we do in this lifetime, we are given a second chance through repentance. If and only if we ask for repentance through Jesus Christ. If a soul refuses to repent Jesus will release it into hell: when it has no further use for its physical body. Imagine having a rock for a body for the rest of all time. Instead of having an eternal soul-spirit, you will live in certain hell forever. This is the price you have to pay if you choose play Satan’s way. We are all inherently good to no end but it is the was we are brought up with prejudices and other negative things our parents teach us; that destroys any chance that a child may have to bring out of their good side. Remember that children are beings like adults, its god that will sort them all out in the end. Children feel, hear and repeat what they learn as they grow-up. So, if a child is brought up in a prejudice, then it will almost always ruin own children. The key is to love and to love god. Just simply allow your higher power to come alive in yourself; give the devil his much-needed permanent rest. The convergence between god and your body-soul-spirit is meant to occur; not only in ourselves but in every living thing. It seems like we are all truly children and creatures of god. We must have an awareness of the wrath of god, which will occur through Jesus Christ. Since we must go through Jesus to speak to god and have god listen to our prayers; in order to see results, we must pray to Jesus Christ. Remember; pray for others first, then ask Jesus for his help in managing your life. Never give up! The key is love and to love god. Just simply give in to your positive feelings and let god come alive in all your thoughts, words and actions or deeds. In living being there exist a balance of power between god and all other forces in the universe. There must be a full- circle balance between good and evil or positive and negative. The balance is love. God is love and basically so are we. It is our job to suppress our evil carnal self’s out of existence. We must keep our evil sides in check and not allow the negative to overcome our positives. By maintaining the proper balance, we enable ourselves to become children of god, like Jesus Christ. When you allow god’s light to enter your temple, then it is time for you to see through god’s eyes of love and not through the darkness of hate. By attaining the inner loving peace through our lord Jesus Christ, we allow a free flowing balance between positive and negative to occur. This is a way to bringing about love in other beings. We act as receptors for negative energy when we become totally positive. Because unlikes attract and like repel, a basic law of physics. You will become a total being, balanced in every way. This harmony and love, just another way that god speaks to you. Jesus Christ is god’s representative to us, in human form. Jesus is pure and unadulterated love, god’s love or agape. Each one of us holds the seed of love in their hearts, whether we choose to nurture this see to life or to just let it die, is our choice. But what we fail to see is god’s choice. Go has the choice whether or not he uses it; to let us drift or to plant us in his garden of life to “learn to love.” It is our sole mission on this planet to “learn to love.” Both ourselves and others. After you have erased every evil thought in your mind, you will be on your way to learning to love. So, we must forget about hatred and move into loves circle. Where Jesus is standing in the middle, giving us a chance to repent and chug our ways. We have no other choice but to repent and to change our ways, if we don’t want to live out eternity in hell or even survive. So where do we come from? Why are we here? Well we are all a part of the body of god. Just as God is a part of our body. Our mission here on earth is to learn to love, everything and nothing else. Give Jesus Christ you miserable life and He will transform it into what it should be, a child of god. It is through god’s existence that we came to be, not the other way around. Why do we question religion? Because it is so hard to understand and it is as individual as the thumbprints we wear. Please allow yourself the right to call yourself a child of god, because you are a child of god. For the first time we can all fell the ever- present Jesus Christ and exactly what he stands for love. It was Jesus faith and trust in god that enabled the human race to carry on. By simply agreeing that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, you are enabling yourself to be in a position to be saved. Jesus tried to show and teach love to his disciples but they where not all receptive to such a simple concept as spoken in parables. Imagine trying to speak to everyone in the world about love. This seems like an impossible task but it is not, neither is saving the human race. Jesus Christ can save you if you give him half a chance. As god gives to us, so must we give to ourselves to those others that are less fortunate. We are fast to ask god to forgive us our sins, yet we are slow to forgive others of their transgressions against us. Simply, we should forgive and forget. To be the true child of god that we are, we must remember the golden rule and abide by it, forever. Remember that if we can’t forgive, god can and he will. God wants us to be like him. So when our inner being and our outer being become one, we will enter upon the kingdom of god and we will truly see heaven. This can mean that god has succeeded in bringing himself out in your temple through the holy light of his love. You must allow god and not Satan to express himself in al your thoughts words and actions. If you should have any discrepancy in your positive thought pattern, ask Jesus to handle it, he will. Have faith because it works, like truth. There are people today who will kill or take another life and this is totally against god’s way for us. The people who are killing: are all controllable by our higher selves. So why do we suppress our higher self? Maybe it has something to do with a simple lack of faith in god or even a lack of faith in our selves. Or maybe it’s easier to just be carnal by nature. It’s too easy to curse someone that it is to forgive them. We really have to forgive ourselves first, before we can forgive others. It is imperative that we direct or prayers to god through Jesus Christ. So remember that when you call do, you cant call direct. You have to use the operator. Who in this case is Jesus Christ. Jesus will lovingly answer all prayers the way they expect to be answered, relaying the sincere ones to god. This simply put is the way it works and it does work! It is by repentance and through Jesus Christ that we may be forgiven of our sins. It is by stupidity and human error that we tend to manage ourselves right out of the religious picture and into the devil's playground or the earth. Our will should be one will, one pulse, gods pulse. Giving someone faith is like giving the freedom to choose between right and wrong, it’s all in the freedom. We all have freedom to choose god or Satan. Know the repercussions of following the wrong path. I feel sometimes that we try the wrong path to just see how it feels and end up in a living hell every time. So we want god to forgive us of our sins, yet we continue to sin six days of the week and expect to be blessed on Sunday, then do it all again the following week and so on. God is smarter than given credit for sometimes, so is Jesus Christ look out. To know your higher power, you must first go to the very center of your consciousness and cleanse to purify it with love and faith. The realize that you are a child of god and are reflecting gods love or agape towards others. This will cause an inner healing to occur in you’re mind, body, and spirit. As a cleansed child of god, you will be able to heal others. The world is at your feet already, so don’t be pompous. God has given you every thing you need, simply by giving your life. It is up to you to decide what life has to offer, not others. You higher power wants what is best for you and sometimes it hurts. Without god, we are like and unlit candle, useless to all mankind. However to light ourselves with gods love, we become the light that others need to pass safely through the darkness of despair and doubt. That is killing mankind. Basically it’s a simple lack of faith in our higher power, there is truly one religion and that is love. So until we realize this and act on it we are still going to have: wars, poverty, disease and all of the other things that the evil one has in store for us. Don’t give up; just give in to our lord Jesus Christ, for he truly is our last hope. We keep on looking for Christian way of life, yet it is through yourselves that we must find Christ. Like god, he comes from within. We must purify our temples of all-carnal ways and thoughts that are keeping us away from Jesus Christ. We must rid our souls of all carnality and to replace the blank spots with love. When we eliminate or carnal instincts, we are allowing room for hope, faith and love. It is our destiny to overcome evil with good by allowing god through Jesus Christ to run or lives. Sort of, as a father would direct his children around harms way. We must also remember that our children are the future, if there is a future. So we really must teach our children well, in order to prepare them for their future, if there is a future. We must remember that god wants peace on earth and Jesus Christ is going to make happen through us and our actions. Try to understand that when we hurt another person, we are in turn hurting a part of god. It is our fault that the world is in such a mess, not god. Where there is positive, there is also negative or good Vs evil. We are the ones that are bringing out this evil and we are responsible for the good. It is too bad that most people choose to do evil, manly because carnality is easier to attain than true love. Evil tends to please our carnal desires and statistic attitude, giving god not much of a chance in this battle. So in other words you have become a part of Satan’s spawn; who are destroying everything. In their path, including the path. So despite being out numbered by the opposition, Jesus Christ and his mighty angels will prevail. Although the anti-Christ is strong, we who are with god will have the last say. Please do not worry about anything as long as you have true faith, you will succeed in god’s plan. I hope people will realize the lesson of learning to love starts with self. As soon as you feel gods loving light inside you and you feel the warmth of his love go through you body, then you become filled with the Holy Spirit and realize that you have experienced a bodily filling by the holy breath. In essence, you have been released from your carnal cocoon and have become a butterfly of love. This pleases our father very much, to see his child become a member of the family. So by shining the light of love into our hearts, Jesus has a place to dwell. Isn’t it about time god and love ruled your life? Jesus Christ has all the answers, so we must pray to him for help. Subconsciously, we already have all the answers we need but we want more. When you find Christ that dwells within you temple, you will have all the answers you need and not only will you see the light, you will be the light. So by letting love rule your life to bring about the loving change that is necessary to bring you carnal self to its spiritual knees, so to speak. You must give god a chance to teach us the lesson of learning to love, through Jesus Christ. Remember the hardest lesson that we have to learn is, is to learn to love. By simply learning that it is gods love that overcomes all evils and hatred. The lesson of love is so simple that a child could explain it. One child of god tried to explain it and he was put to death on a cross. Jesus Christ tried to show us his fathers love for his children was conditional. God wants his children to follow and live by the Ten Commandments and the golden rule. These are the conditions we have met in order to live in heaven on earth. Otherwise we are living in hell. They to remember that love is god, Jesus Christ is a manifestation of this love and we are all its children. By allowing this love to enter our temples and we are allowing ourselves to be whole, for the first time. So by sharing and giving this agape to others, we are enabling god to interact and share with his children, us we are bringing about love full-circle. We can see that it is primary to our survival as Christians to show gods love through all of your thoughts, words and deeds. You must also realize that there is truly only one god, the same god that comes from within is the same god that gave you life. Try praying to Jesus Christ, he will show you god in action. Remember to be careful what you pray for, you may get it. We are supposed to forgive those who have transgressed against us, not condemn them. It is karma that will ever things up eventually, not you. Simply try to turn you problems over to the lord. And allow god to interact. Soon you problems will disappear and you will be able to show others gods love. Truth is the most powerful concept on this earth and the truth is god loves you and always will. If you can allow god to enter you body through your soul and by letting Jesus Christ control you consciousness, you will discover the kingdom of the soul. This first heaven comes from within and is a form of consciousness. All levels f consciousness are attainable and god is within reach. Just reach out with loving hands to pick up a baby sometime, you will see what it means to touch a brother or sister for the first time. It is love. This is when you will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in your bodies and love in you hearts for others. We must learn to give what god has given us, that is love. It is our purpose to love and be loved, not to hate or be hated. Just as the golden rule is put as simply as god could put it; we are only children and see it as just another rule. We are not all infants and can perceive what is right and what is wrong. Isn’t it time we grow up and faced all our sins and ourselves? You have to be baptized and repent of your sins and not sin again, before you can be called a Christian. It is time to repent now and receive Jesus Christ as your savior, even you non-Christians. Its time to be born again and live a full loving life in god. Remember that the only sin that is unforgivable in heaven and on earth is to blaspheme the Holy Spirit, so don’t. Now this is not too much to ask is it. God wants us to realize that he is here to stay, we aren’t. So, show your faith and trust in god by simply living Christian life and with Jesus Christ. He is our lord and savior, not Satan. Why is it so hard for us to achieve love? Probably because of the diversity of the world’s population’s religions and the fact that there are billions of beings on this earth: all with different viewpoints on love and how to attain it. Jesus Christ knows how to attain love and perfection in life, all you have to do is pray and ask him. Jesus Christ does have all the answers and you can to; if you can figure out how to create a balance in nature and an inner harmony among earth’s inhabitants. He has and is willing to share it with anyone anytime; through prayer and meditation. Its time for us to tap into Christ’s energy and be able to let a little light into the dark side and a little darkness into the light or a shadows. We are mere shadows of the child that dwells within us, because we are only a reflection of god’s light. By allowing ourselves to become light, we are enabling ourselves to become the child of god and we have awakened the Christ consciousness, we have succeeded in gaining our position in the childhood of our god the father. By reaching the status of god the child we have defeated Satan and all that he stands for, on earth as it is in heaven. If there are any questions. Try asking Jesus Christ in prayer for the answers. The way I see it, love is not just a word, it is a feeling for someone or something that is so great, it can’t be described by words. Our love should be like god’s love, unconditional. This overwhelming feeling of love is called agape, or the love that god has for us, his children. It’s too bad we suppress this love with: anger, hatred, jealousy and all the rest. Pray daily to Jesus Christ and ask him to show you his love. Having true faith in yourself and god, you can enable yourself and others light their own spiritual candles with the light of gods love from the hear f Jesus Christ. Jesus wants to show us that true love comes from god not form being carnal. It is god the fathers love that not only allows us to function but also allows us to love one another. This is basic and very necessary for our survival on this planet. The father knows what is best for his children, the human race. Remember to give someone love from the heart, is to give from the heart of god. So try not t be such a taker and give what was given to you, love. For those of you who may not have a problem believing in a higher power, you have my sympathy. But if there is no god, then how do you explain your existence. Do you think we are truly alone is our existence. No, we are not the only living species in this universe. You have to at least believe in yourself, considering the fact that some higher power put you here for some special purpose. Think about, life itself had to come from somewhere or something or god! It is ignorant not to believe in god. It’s like telling a child that there is no Santa Claus because you couldn’t afford to buy presents. Not only have you lost your children’s trust but you have taken the Christmas spirit away too. All I am saying is, don’t give up on something just because someone tells you that there is no such thing. You must have faith. Not only in yourself but in your higher power or god and he will show you the way. Because he loves you and always will. Being an atheist is like being an orphan. Having lost his parents, the orphan hopes wishes and even prays for parents. However, the father and mother never come. When the orphan grows up, he stops hoping and wishing and praying and he uses his god given senses to find his father and mother where with him all the time and his heavenly parents. This is when the orphan grows into a child of god. The time for us to grow-up has come. We must realize that we must always have love and we will always have god to be here. Turn you doubt into faith. Let Jesus handle any problems. Remember that we where created by god, god was not created by us. Jesus Christ is living proof of this. He lives in me. It is us that are chosen by god to exist and to pray to Jesus Christ for answers. We must turn our wills and our lives and everything else to him. You must repent of you sinful carnal ways and never sin again. A full baptism is also necessary to cleanse or temples, as well as our souls. We must also accept Jesus Christ as our redeemer and savior and lord as well as our brother. You will become a born again Christian who is ready to start a new life with Jesus Christ. Not only will you have a better outlook on life; you will have a better life. When you light the light that comes from within, with love, then you must begin to truly discover that the child comes from within and also at the same time is everywhere. With this powerful a force of love, evil has no chance for survival. Because of evil's inability to survive in a world of love, it will perish. Also we must remember that evil degenerates and good regenerates. Evil will disappear one person at a time, in our time. How long does it take to realize that the kingdom of heaven comes from within and from every where else comes from temptation. We must not give in to temptation; we must simply give it up. As we release our negativity into the earth and bring forth the positive goodness that comes from the earth, we discover a new type of electricity. This electricity is the lifeline we need to get out of the hell we live in love. Have faith in yourself, then show your faith in god to god by directing your prayers to Jesus Christ. This can be related to entering the first grade after kindergarten. You have learned the basics and are now ready for the program of learning to love. Try and see it as each and every lifetime is like a day in school. Its sad that it takes us so many lifetimes to learn such a simple little lesson as love. By learning to love, we allow ourselves to graduate from the school of life, to progress on to whatever god has in mind for us. Maybe we should become students – teachers of love and truth; for this is truly what god intended but didn’t get! We should be what god wants us to be, Free. It is our job to reflect love and what our higher Power wants us to become, His children of love. God wants us to give him love and the way to give love is through our thoughts, words and actions. After you have accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, try accepting him as your brother. It works for me and it will work for you. You see even Jesus is a child of god just look we are except Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God and we are only the children of humanity. Jesus Christ is our kind and we are to be his loyal subjects of love. Through prayer and meditation, I have become enlightened and I feel the power of love in my temple constantly. When the power of god is felt for the first time, it is humbling. I have asked Jesus Christ to take over my life and everything that goes with it, including my problems. This allowed me to be able to forgive others for the first time in my lifetime. Life became overwhelmed by my mortality. Once I had overcome this, I felt gods love and the awakening of Christ in my soul. For the first tine, I had discovered true love in its most basic form, yet it was so complex that it had to be god. Jesus Christ had awakened the child in me that had lain dormant for so many years. I was like a child that had discovered a treasure and wanted to share it with everyone. All I can say is, this treasure is available to anyone, including yourself. You just need to open your spiritual eyes and throw your carnal sunglasses away, to find this treasure Try to clear you mind of all thoughts but love and meditate on it. Then try praying to Jesus Christ for the answers to the questions that have been plaguing you for so long you will find peace of mind when you communicate with Jesus, as a child of god .a father is not going to punish his children to having made mistake. God wants us to learn from our mistakes, not be punished for making errors or doing what is right in the eyes of god. Evil attracts more evil and will degenerate into nothing. However, good will replenish itself with more good and it evens attracts evil. So my bringing evil to the side of good, we are defeating Satan and all that he stands for which is negativity. You see, god or pure love has no room in his life for evil and that is one reason why Satan was cast down upon this earth, another one is pride. No one here is better than anyone else, we are all human brothers and sisters who came from the same heavenly parents. When you realize how Satan felt when he was told that he is no better that anyone else and that he is surely no god. Satan felt miserable probably and he decided to make every on else miserable too, by giving them a carnal self to deal with for the duration of their lives. It is our job to suppress this carnal self into its other for, spirituality. By doing this, we are allowing our higher (godly) self to take over our prison of the flesh and turn into a holy temple of god: this our destiny. Once we remove our carnal self and replace it with our spiritual self, then we become children of god. By allowing god to be able to come we are allowing ourselves to experience or senses; we are allowing ourselves to experience agape and god at the same time. We are giving our living god life and new experiences. This is how it is meant to be no the way it is but how it will be in the future. You must let go of the negative and replace it with a new beginning with Jesus Christ. You will immediately notice a change in you attitude right away. This can be also call Christ consciousness, or it is the realization that god is no only coming at us from inside but he comes from everywhere else at the same time. You will see the kingdom of heaven form the inside out, your insides out. We must love god all the time, without damning him or cursing him, if you have to curse, then curse the devil. I’m sure Satan would appreciate the attention. In essence, we have to clean up our acts in order to be accepted by Jesus Christ. You must also have an abundance of faith in yourself too, because you are a child of god and you are very special. Don’t forget to love your self because at the same time you are actually loving god. In order to accept god’s love we must first accept the child that dwells within or ourselves. Not only as god’s children but also as human beings who do not lie and who also do not do what they dislike; (this is sort of a paraphrase of the golden rule). We must follow the golden rule and it doesn’t hurt for us to be enlightened by the words and teachings of Jesus Christ. We are all the children of god; it’s too bad that most of us are lost souls. Remember that god loves unconditionally and he understands that we are still children who are also prone to mistakes. Try to understand that there is no room for love in a heart filled with hatred. Its time to repent now and to start living god while you still can. We must allow your higher power the chance to show us his love through our lord Jesus Christ, even if it’s just once and once is enough. To try to teach children about religion is one thing, but you must show your children through you thoughts, words and actions that god is the answer, to their religious and spiritual problems. To deliver a lost soul to god through Jesus Christ is to save a soul from certain death. Try to speak as god wants you to speak and not as Satan wants you to speak. Give Jesus Christ a chance to show you the way to god don’t let the devil show you the way to hell that is no way to go in life or death. To deliver a lost soul to god is to save that soul from certain death. Don’t think that this is to be and easy task because it isn’t easy at all. Try to speak as Jesus spoke and do what he did, by keeping faith in his father, Jesus survived and so will you. By keeping faith in god, you will receive the gift of love through Jesus Christ. We must allow this gift to be received by us via the Holy Spirit. Remember that the Holy Spirit doesn’t feel welcome in a prison of the flesh. So you must clean up your temple and prepare it for its baptism. You must recognize the Holy Spirit as overwhelming bodily feeling of love. By becoming one with god through the Holy Spirit, we enable ourselves to manifest god’s wishes through our bodies and to all our thoughts, words and actions. God wants us to grow at our own pace and in time we will recognize his love is real. With love, we can overcome anything that is evil. It seems to me that mankind is bringing forth his own sort of evil, by not doing what is right in god’s eyes. There is no other evil other that what is brought no by mankind’s refusal to suppress its carnal self. This evil is what we call Satan. The normal being can repress and suppress this is negativity to a point of turning the energy into spirituality, chaste and intellectualism. So by suppressing evil and converting it to something that is very useful to our souls and to our very beings, we are defeating the anti-Christ or Satan. Therefore we must teach our children well enough to make the right decision about the powerlessness of mankind versus the power of love or god. Our children are the future and they will be the ones that make it work, not us. Remember, god will be around forever and we wont unless we pray and repent of our sins. The first thing we need to do is to pray to Jesus Christ and have faith in god and you will be saved and forgiven. He must not let other peoples rendition of hell be ours. You must realize that you have been living in the kingdom of heaven all along. Try not to just think about the negative side of everything and focus on the light that comes from within to guide others to your child and to guide you through troubled times. Simply be positive all the time and you’ll see that most negative people will be drawn to you and your aura, this is worth giving a try. They want what you have: faith, happiness, truth, love and god through Jesus Christ. The only reason this is unattainable to those who are evil is because they’re carnal self-rules there higher self and the have become totally bad or evil. It takes some will power to over come the devil. Jesus Christ and you can too. Acceptance plays a major role in today’s society; no matter what part of the world you are from, you must accept others as face value. So let god do his loving work on you and accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior because he is lord and god letting him down and you will see good positive results. You can gain a Christ consciousness when truth and that without faith, hope, and truth towards god, we are hopelessly trapped in a living hell, living in body that is a fleshly prison. Personally I would rather live in a temple rather that a prison of any kind. We must decide whether or not we want to live with the best of just exist with the worst. When it comes to our life-styles, we tend to take the easy way our, or evil. Anything that is worthwhile in worth putting out some effort to attain. This is how god feels about us. It seems to me that a Christian life style is preferred over say a statistic one. Why, because the devil's life-style is geared towards death and gods life-style is aimed at life and love. Which sounds better to you, life or death? You decide which one will work for you and your family. I’m willing to bet that god through Jesus Christ it your answer, not Satan. Wake up and smell the Holy Spirit. She is gods little surprise for us, she is love in action. Remember that if you live love then there is no room for error, but if you live evil, all you have room for is error. It seems to me that Jesus Christ is the one with all the answers. Simply pray and ask for his help and you will be surprised by the results. Go ahead and give it a try, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. God loves all his children equally the greatest saint and the worst sinners are equally loved by god, no kidding. If you live love, there can be no room for error. So stop making the dame mistakes over and over again and rediscover god through Jesus Christ. In order for those of you who live in the dark side of life to survive, there must be a glimpse of light of god. For those who dwell in light, there is a small reminder of darkness for us to contemplate. This darkness enables us to sleep and feel the coldness of death every day because of sleep is just another form of death. Except we are allowed to awaken to the light every day not just live in the darkness with the hope of waking into life. We must be positive all the time and allow god to enter our temples at will, thus enabling our souls to enter into pure love and to the first-hand experience of gods heavenly loving touch. By allowing our souls and bodies to enter into the kingdom of heaven, we are allowing others to follow in our footsteps. Like children playing follow the leader. All that we really have to do in this lifetime is to learn to love and this is very hard lesson to learn because most of us are not using all our God-given senses and abilities to achieve love. You can’t see love through carnal eyes, it tend to turn up as lust every time. So try to rid your temple of its carnal self by allowing gods light of love to vanquish the darkness of your soul. By doing this, we allow ourselves to be on the neutral, (Christ) Christ side, where you are neither darkness or light but you become both. This neutral zone lies between good and evil, positive and negative, and the darkness and the light, where peace, hope and truth reside. It’s the neutral path that leads to god and the universe, as we know them. We need to let our love and faith guide us to god, who has been with us the whole time. So this is an inner quest first, then the outer part comes naturally. You must experience the inner kingdom of god first, before you can experience heaven and earth. This is not impossible to achieve and neither is having faith in Jesus Christ, we must heal ourselves first, then through Jesus, he makes it right with god. It is through prayer and faith in god that we can even overcome Satan and all the evil that he stands for. So we have to overcome evil by letting go of it and grasping gods agape for us. Aren’t you tired of running around in a prison of flesh? It is difficult if not impossible to accomplish gods good in an evil prison of flesh. By enabling your soul to make peace with god through Jesus Christ, you have defeated the devil and have won a major battle in the fight for righteousness and love, not evil but love. Try to see the light that god is emitting to you from the inside, this light is a holy awareness of love and truth. Do is trying to guide us through the darkness of our doubts to the light of truth and hope. The truth is, most of all mankind is in the dark and is carnal by nature. This is why our earth is messed up today. We must decide for ourselves whether we want to live in hell or if we can live in the kingdom of heaven. Gods way is painless, Satan’s way is hell, you decide which is the way you want to go. No one is going to force you to make the right decision. Jesus will guide you to god and his agape; all you have to do is let him. Help Jesus Christ and make it easy on him by simply taking the right path to god. How hard is it to turn you life over to god via Jesus Christ/ it must be pretty difficult because the majority of people are not doing it, and have no intention (on) changing now. It’s easy to let go if evil once you have accepted Jesus Christ as you lord and personal savior. Even Jesus Christ was baptized in the Holy Spirit by john the Baptist, so you shouldn’t be afraid. Even Jesus was tempted by the devil but Jesus was so pure that Satan couldn’t tempt or kill him. We must draw our strength from Jesus Christ and rid ourselves of the demons belonging to our carnal selves. By giving ourselves another chance with god, we can overcome anything including Satan. By overcoming our desires for lust and greed, we allow or spiritual side to emerge for me its fleshly prison to its new temple We all then become students of agape trying to learn the simple lesson that Jesus Christ tried to teach us, god is love so why is this such a hard lesson to learn? Because you cant see gods light through carnal sunglasses! Even if you could see (a) light, it would be a light of lust and not true love. For the light of true love is a healing, giving light of lust is the one that burns like hell and only gives you a moment of pleasure and lifetime of pain. it seems like love is the only real way to go because the other way tends to end up in our going through hell for no good reason. We are the ones that put ourselves through the hell that we call everyday life and god is not responsible in a way. God has offered us a chance on life through Jesus Christ, its too bad that most of us tend to choose the easy way out or evil as positive attracts negative, god attracts us, ( the negative ones) with love and hope. We must become positive ourselves and show others the way to light of love there fore we become not only the children of the light of love but we become filled with the warm healing of god though Jesus Christ. Getting away form evil is simple but staying away from evil is one of the hardest things to achieve mainly because we are only human. By being prone to make mistakes, we set ourselves up for a fall accepting evil as the easy way out and good as an unattainable goal. It seems to me that we should have more confidence in ourselves and others. Try to let Jesus Christ as god incarnate, we have won the battle before it has begun. Satan does not even stand a chance against true love and Jesus Christ: so don’t give the devil the chance to come into your life through prayer and faith in god. This truly works, it just takes a little patience and effort. On your part. We should let gods love be our goal. Then there is the other side of the story, about god and Satan. There is a coin that has god for heads and devil for tails, the coin is god the child. You flip the coin and get a 50% chance on love vs. lust. In every situation there is an opposite even with god, so you have Satan. You have created and evil opposite to love and god and this is the anti-Christ. so how do you think the devil feels about never being able to do good? Maybe the devil or our carnal self need to be forgiven of his sins of thinking he was something he really wasn’t and to allow ourselves a chance to forgive and forget. By forgiving we are enabling god to heal us and convert our carnal self to a chaste, spiritual self. All I am saying is that god is like a two sided coin basically, one side positive and one side negative. Satins existence is dependent on whether we can forgive ourselves or not, if you ask me , I think god forgives Satan and god is all forgiving god: this is true love. As gods only begotten son

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